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01 | 2021


Researcher, UX & UI Designer



2 months



Adobe XD, After Effect, Photoshop


Pest O 














Project Brief


Make a connection between people who have valuable pest control experiences and people who have no pest control background.


84% of American homeowners have encountered a pest problem in 2012. Lack of reliable resources and high cost of pest control agencies, lead people who are facing pest issues to solve their problems on their own. Most of the time it is very hard to diagnose the pest type. Therefore,  finding an appropriate solution would be impossible.


The main challenge in this project is to find a way in order to provide pest control solutions that are reliable and practical.



Through this research, we proved that people cannot find the agencies as efficient as local professional experiences. They can trust local communities to cope with their pest issues. This project is publishing as a paper to share the valuable results with the other designers.



What is Pest?

A pest is any animal or plant which harms humans, their food, or their living conditions. Pest causes:




Carry disease-causing                      Damaged stored food                         Damage clothing                        Damage buildings


noun_House Crack_2541180.png

The general cost for pest control by agencies:

$250 to $400

The inspection may occur 2 or 3 times per month. Each time costing about

$40 to $45

Market Research

We have studied the application contributed to pest control and evaluate them based on their main features and the services which they provide to their users. 


The Gaps in the Pest Control field


Baseless natural solutions

Introducing harmful chemicals


Lack of diagnosing by

homeowners or tenants

Lack of knowledge about

pest-related diseases

Lack of categorized


Commercialized information



Target Users

We considered the target users as students or employees between the age of 18 to 32 years old, who have started to live independently for the first time.  ​



In order to collect first-hand data from users regarding pest control, we have conducted a questionnaire survey. We collected 1,488 responses from 31 participants. but, we just mentioned the most important results here. 

The chart shows the first reaction of users to pest infestation.





Based on the responses, 88.9% of users trust local advisors and 11.1% of them trust the pest control agencies. In addition, Chart 7 demonstrates their reasons of trust as well as the frequency of each reason.






To understand our target users deeply we interviewed with 6 students who have filled out the survey before. Here is the analysis of the interviews. The responses are organized into 3 sectors, Key findings, Needs, and Insights.


Affinity Map


We used an affinity map to organize numerous researches into their natural relationships and then add our ideas to them.





Key Insights

Based on the affinity map, the primary and secondary research, we generated the following insights by grouping the similar notes under similar headings.





User Flow

USER flow.jpg

Task Flow

task flow.jpg

Preliminary Design

Based on the feedback we received from the target users we refined the UI and GUI for many times. The following pages are the preliminary designs.




cover priliminary.jpg

Usability Test


The results gave us a clear perspective regarding the errors and problems of the application. We found out 


            Users could find the research icon and start to search in less than 1 second.

           Only 2 users could not find the sharing post button in the forum on the first attempt. 

           Users cannot find the reports under the report icon in the first and second attempts. 

           6 users taped on links and news wrongly before finding the report.

           None of the participants could understand the News page icon.

           The process of making a report was confusing enough to lead the users to ask about that.

           All the users could find the profile.

           It was clear for all the participants to find a user in the chatbox.

We conducted a usability test with 8 potential users, to find out if the users can do the given tasks successfully or not. We defend 5 main tasks such as 

  • Searching a pest name

  • Sharing a post on a forum page

  • Creating a report

  • Check out the profile

  • Find a user in the chatbox

Through the test, we observed the users and record the process. 




After understanding the errors and the major problems with the application, we made some changes in order to simplify the processes. 



It was not very clear and bold for the users

Forum-1 – 3@3x.png
Forum – 3.png

We put the "sharing a post" feature on the top of the page and give the users 3 options to choose from. They can upload links, images,s or videos.

The notification icon was hidden under the pages.

It occupied a great space, the networks were not very clear at first glance. 

Profile – 13.png

The activities have been condensed in order to open the space for the networks.

We put the notification icon in the main menu to give the users direct access to the comments or replies which are important to them.

The New icon did not have any meaning to users. Ther were not familiar with that icon.

Bubbles Menu – 1.png

Users could not select the right icon for making a report. The other options make them confused.

Bubbles Menu – 1.png
Creating a New Report.png

Users need to go to their gallery to upload a photo

Reviewing the report before sharing@3x.p

The users could select the social media that they want to share their problem on there in the next page.

Home – 2.png
Home – 2.png

The News page converted to the Home page in order to make the navigation simple and readable.

The link icon has separated from the report and it is located on top of the page as a fixed icon.

We just kept the report here as a single feature.

Report 2 – 2.png
Report 3 – 6.png

We shorten the path of taking or uploading pictures. This page appears after the user taps the plus button.

All the information is put on the same page to give the user an overall view of the report at the same time.

Main Features

Simple Mockup Free Scene.png



Intelligent Search


The users can quickly identify the pest type by taking a picture of it or put some keywords, and the application will bring up the matched results based on the input of the user and location.

The user can find specific details of the pest and also shared it with others. The search feature also provides relevant information on the posts shared by other users.




Simple Mockup Free Scene.png

Forum & Home Page


Posting a Content



The users can post their questions or any external links in the Forum. What they see in the forum are the general hot posts that have been posted by local people and it is totally location based but, the Home page includes worldwide posts. They have organized based on users' favorite topics.



Simple Mockup Free Scene.png

Report page


Sending Reports & Boost Feature



The user can report any pest problems on forums, contacts, social media, or seek a quick answer from the local professionals.




Simple Mockup Free Scene.png
Simple Mockup Free Scene.png
Simple Mockup Free Scene.png
Simple Mockup Free Scene.png

Profile Page


Automated Scoring System



The users receive a score from the application based on their activity on the forum pages and the rating that they receive from the other users. After passing a certain level, the user's membership will transform to “professional Member” and the user is able to receive Boost requests from the other users to answer them and also get paid them.



Typography and Color

Raman_Shima (4).jpg
Raman_Shima (4).jpg

Final Pages

Final Cover.jpg


After editing the pages, we prepared a questionnaire to test the usability again. After that, the 16 users perform the tasks; we ask them to fill the questionnaire. Just 5% of the users said they found the app cumbersome to use, and 90% felt confident using Pesto.
More than 75% of the participants stated that I could learn how to use it very quickly, and 25% revealed that it was not easy to use the app. Out of 85% of participants mentioned that they would like to use this application to market. 
Based on the feedback, users feel good when using the app, which means the refinements make the user experience much convenient.