Market Research

In order to examine the current competitors in photo editing area, we studied a number of existing applications that are mentioned in Forbes Magazine as the successful applications. I have mentioned just 3 of applications briefly.



\\ Transfer photos into the artwork based on famous art schools and painters like Picasso

\\ More than 30 paint styles as the default filters 

\\ Subscription fee for more filtres

\\ Optional photo quality, SD or HD

\\ Sync with own social media



Dark Room.jpg

\\ One of the most comprehensive examples of photo editing apps

\\ Unlimited "Undo History"

\\ Access to the favorite photo list

\\ Subscription fee for more filters

\\ Adjusting the curve of contrast and light manually


\\ Creating profile to share the photos with friends

\\ Manual and default editing tools

\\ Optional exporting format

\\ Subscription fee for more filters

\\ Save the desired settings as a filter on the app and use it